We think ahead

100% sustainable

Sustainability and environmental protection are not new issues – they’ve always been important. But now they’ve grown more crucial than ever. With our cardboard packaging, we have always tried to keep waste to a minimum right from the start. Now, however, we’ve come up with an even better solution: a new type of packaging made from entirely recyclable paper, as well as reusable boxes, which serve us for delivery purposes.

When less is more

Less waste, more love

Yes, it’s smaller, less colourful and inconspicuous on the outside. But inside, you will still find the same amazing taste, quality and AMORE as ever! The new Pizza A Mano packaging is now made from ecological paper, which can easily be recycled. We love nature, and we have decided to protect it by choosing packaging that’s 100% ECO-FRIENDLY – just like our pizzas themselves!

Approved by Mother Nature

Sustainable packaging

Our philosophy

Do it with passion

Every pizza we make is a piece of culinary craftsmanship, carefully kneaded, shaped by hand, enriched with quality toppings and baked in the oven. That’s why it’s the best frozen pizza in South Tyrol. That’s Amore!